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How do I list an offer?

Updated 6 months ago

Listing a selling offer is simple; all you need to do after downloading the WH Cypher wallet extension is to follow these next steps:

1. After signing in with the WH Cypher extension, navigate to the "I am selling" button at the top of the page.

2. You will then be directed to the offer creation page, where you will be able to choose both the currency and amount that you are selling:

You can then select the currency that you’re looking to trade for in exchange:

You will also be required to set your offer duration, which will determine the amount of time for which your offer will be listed on our platform for buyers to participate in.

You will also be able to select whether you want to set a percentage of margin or discount to your offer.

  • Offer margin or discount: This percentage will determine the amount of gain or loss that you would like to have from your offer. The final rate will be locked once the buyer clicks the proceed button on your offer and this percentage will be either added or deducted from the coinmarketcap.com rate at that moment.

Finally, under advanced settings, you can set a forensic check limit for the coins you want to accept, if enabled, traders with currencies under your specified minimum quality will not be able to participate in your offer. 

Learn more about forensic checks here.

You can also optionally select your offer's buying limits, by select the minimum and maximum amount of coins or tokens that one buyer can exchange with you. 

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