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Guarda Wallet Guide: Where do I find my multisig Participant key & wallet address.

Updated 2 weeks ago

For Bitcoin:

Participant key

If you are using Guarda wallets, once you have signed in you can click on Bitcoin from the currency list.

Under the Receive section, you will be able to see your wallet public key as shown below: 

You can click on that address to copy it, then navigate back to Whales Heaven to add it there.

Wallet address 

In order for you to receive your Bitcoins from our platform after you have completed an auction, we will ask you to provide your wallet address that you want to receive your funds on.

On Guarda, once you're signed in, you can navigate to Bitcoin where you be able to find your wallet address located under the receive section as shown below:

By clicking on it you can copy this address and paste into our platform so we could be able to send you your coins on it.

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