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What is the WH Cypher wallet?

Updated 6 months ago

WH Cypher is a Multi-signature wallet extension Multi-signature wallet by WhalesHeaven that allows users to:

  • sign the release of their transactions.
  • Join and create threshold signature vaults as co-signers. 
  • Confirm their transaction destination.
  • Trade on WhalesHeaven without providing personal information.

Why do I need the WH Cypher extension?

In order for you to sign in and trade securely on WhalesHeaven, you will need to download the extension, this enables you to have full control over your trading process and transactions, as well as keeping your anonymity optional to you.

How can I download the WH Cypher extension?

You can download the extension from the chrome web store.

Can I store crypto on Cypher?

Yes, WH Cypher is a fully functional Multi-signature that you can also use to store, receive, and send, crypto transactions between multiple cosigners. 

You can also read more about WH Cypher's features here.

How many co-signers do I need to sign a transaction?

While trading on WhalesHeaven, you will only need one signer to approve the release of the funds, Once a buyer and a seller are matched in an offer, they will both receive a notification from the WH Cypher extension asking them to join as co-signers and approve their spending. None of the parties will have access to the funds until they both have confirmed the release from their side.

Is WH Cypher available to download on IOS or Android?

The signer is currently only available on the chrome web store, however, we are currently working on making it available to download on firefox browser add-ons, IOS and Android devices. 

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