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Is WhalesHeaven safe?

Updated 8 months ago

At WhalesHeaven we take the security of our users and their funds very seriously, making our best efforts to protect the platform from any possible risks. This is something we are always working to prevent.

How safe is WhalesHeaven?

We take the best practices to safeguard all the transactions of our users, making sure to follow the highest practices of honesty and fairness, keeping our services up to date, and ensuring the safety and easy usage of WhalesHeaven.

For this reason, we decided to enforce our infrastructural level by limiting access to the servers with private keys, aiming to be as decentralized as possible. This means that we are a non-collateral platform, so, in the case of a breach, no one is able to touch any funds without the prior approval of all involved parties in the deal.

Additionally, we implemented the time limit in all auctions so that a breach would have less time to cause any harm.

We are also prepared for the worst scenarios in which we would need to have the platform frozen until any issues are fixed, which would be followed by the replacement of all private keys.

These measures have been proven to make WhalesHeaven a harder platform to target than other centralized platforms.

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