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Is WhalesHeaven safe?

Updated 1 week ago

In WhalesHeaven we take the security of our users and their funds very seriously. WhalesHeaven makes its best effort to protect the platform from any possible risks, and we are always working on preventing it.

How safe is WhalesHeaven?

We take the best practices to safeguard all the transactions of our users and we make sure that we follow the best practices of honesty and fairness, to keep updating our services, and to ensure the safety and easy usage of WhalesHeaven.

For this reason, we decide to enforce our infrastructural level by limiting access to the servers with private keys and trying to be as decentralized as possible. This means that we are a non-collateral platform, so in case of a breach, no one could touch the funds without the approval of all the involved parties in the auction.

Additionally, we implement the time limit in the auctions so that a breach would have less time to try to get anything done. 

We are prepared for the worst scenarios in which we will have the platform freeze until we fix the issue, followed by replacing all the private keys.

These measures have proven that it makes WhalesHeaven a harder platform to target than other centralized platforms. 

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