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How much is my reward?

Updated 8 months ago

If you are part of the WhalesHeaven “Affiliate Program”, you have the opportunity to earn rewards of WhalesHeaven Tokens (WHT) for each new user that you get registered and who begins participating in buying and selling offers.

The rewards are divided into two parts: 

  1. For each new user that registers with your referral code, you will receive 50 WHT.
  2. As soon as any of these new users make their first offer, you will receive an additional 950 WHT.

All your tokens are counted automatically and added to your account. You can verify the general status in your affiliate menu in the “Stats”  section.

Additionally you can verify who has became an affiliate with your referral code at the“Sub-Affiliates” section.

Please note: 5000 WHT tokens is the minimum withdrawal amount on our platform.
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