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What is auto publishing?

Updated 8 months ago

Auto publishing is a feature that allows you to publish your offer without having to wait for the blockchain to confirm your transaction, since some of them require more time than others. This way you are not required to wait at our top-up page in order to complete your offer publication. With this feature, our platform will automatically publish it for you once your transaction is fully confirmed on the blockchain.

Auto publishing: 

Auto publishing allows you to be notified of your offer updates; for example, once your offer is published or when your offer receives a buyer, also when we need you to approve the release of your funds at the end of the deal process.

How to enable auto publishing? 

When you click on auto publish, on the right side of your payment page, you will open a pop-up window asking you if you want to turn the feature on. Beneath the button, you will find a link to offline alerts where you can add the contact details that you would like to be reached at. You can choose between email, SMS, and Telegram notifications. We recommend you to provide your phone number in case you ever have no internet connection.

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