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Is it possible to hack the platform?

Written by Deniss
Updated 4 months ago

Although WhalesHeaven makes its best effort to protect the platform from hackers penetration, on an infrastructural level and by limiting access to servers with private keys, there is always a possibility that such cases may occur.

The good thing is that hackers won’t be able to access users funds as WhalesHeaven is a non-collateral platform. The deal process organization prevents hackers from stealing massively from ongoing deals, as this would require an approval from all participants of all ongoing deals.

Also there is a very small time frame, until the hacker’s actions are reported to support and the platform will start an investigation. In the worst case scenario, the platform may go offline until the security breach is fixed and once it is back online the process of replacing private keys will be triggered.

The possession of private keys in hacker’s hands does little harm to platform operations. All of this lowers possible bounty for a hacker and make a platform less appealing as a target, compared to centralized systems. 

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