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What is Whalesheaven?

Written by Max Zab
Updated 4 months ago

WhalesHeaven is a trustless platform for swapping large amounts of cryptocurrencies in a secure and protected manner.

A deal process is based on multisig wallets between each party and platform, which lets the platform have full control over the deal process, preventing any unauthorized access to user’s funds.

The platform has a number of security measures in place to ensure funds are only released to an address provided by the counterparty. Such a level of security allows the platform to operate reliably even in case of hacker activity or compromised private keys.

During price negotiation process users are placing their bids as discount/margin to current market average price, which allows them to negotiate price even on a highly volatile market. Platform has an optional KYC and Source of funds in place, making it friendly for institutional investors.

A personal user rating based on the volume of successful deals assures users diligent behavior. The platform supports many cryptocurrencies including: BTC, LTC, BCH and ETH, USDT (Omni protocol) and  ERC20 tokens.

Altogether it is suitable for buying and selling at large volumes and allows a number of one-to-many scenarios, making it suitable for IEO or disposal of large amounts of digital assets.

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