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What is affiliate program?

Written by Deniss
Updated 4 months ago

Earn WhalesHeaven tokens with referral links

For each referred user you get up to 1000 WHT. How and where you want to share the link is purely up to you. Come up with your own unique way of sharing the link to make the maximum earning possible in this campaign. Do not violate the rules of communities where you decide to share your link. For any sort of cheating, spam and misbehavior your account will be blocked.

how to start?

  1. Find you personal link under the partner tab
  2. Share the link with a friend
  3. For every registration get 50 WHT
  4. For every first deal of the referred user get 950 WHT
  5. Earned tokens are counted automatically

NB! 5000 WHT tokens is a minimum amount for withdrawal on the platform

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