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Exchange rates and limits

Updated 1 week ago

Our exchange rates

Our platform uses real-time exchange rates, these exchange rates are updated according to the rates on CoinMarketCap, while fiat prices are taken from Apilayer.net.

How often are the rates updated?

  • Cryptocurrency rates are refreshed every 10 minutes.
  • Fiat rates are updated on daily bases.

Is there an alternative to CoinMarketCap rates?

Currently, CoinMarketCap is the only option available on the platform. Further platform versions may include new features, such as selection of which rating source should be used as a source of the current price for an auction.

How long is the rate guaranteed on my transfer?

Our platform locks the rate once you’ve placed the auction, which guarantees the price to stay the same from the moment you list the auction until your auction gets a buyer, even in cases where the prices change drastically your auction won’t be affected by these changes.

What if I cancel my auction?

If you decide to cancel your auction we will provide your funds with the same rates as to how they were at the beginning of your auction listing price.

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